visconde da luz | cascais

on hold

The remodeling of the Historic Garden in the center of Cascais is sensitive. The proposal presents a new Garden, more versatile and appealing according to the new concepts of current experiences of a Garden, working with several constraints such as the preservation of existing large trees and pre-existing activities. In the past, Jardim Visconde da Luz was the stage for fado concerts. The proposal proposes a green amphitheater, designed in the Garden with a central space in which the floor has water games. These two elements provide the garden provide the possibility of holding various types of events, the central space functioning as a stage and the amphitheater as assistance stands. The proposal presents the largest possible green area only torn by the necessary circulation paths, which are also 100% permeable. From the green areas, circles are designed that “embrace” the activities to be maintained, such as the commemorative statue, the carousel, and the esplanade cafe. A small amphitheater is also created to support educational activities to be installed in the adjacent building. Public bathrooms are proposed as part of the wall that resolves the difference in levels between streets so that it is as concealed as possible.