we believe architecture has a significant role to play in influencing the quality of life of its users.

each project isa new challenge and represents an opportunity to develop solutionswhich integrate successfully with the surrounding context and culture, optimizing the building's functionality and the natural, material and financial resources.

the dedication to all details, looking for the symbiosis between art and technique in architecture, allows to raise, at all levels, the quality of the project.

NOZ is developing a vast portfolio in portugal in the areas of housing, sports, education, commerce, industry, offices, tourism and landscaping, supporting clients, from private, business and public sector, to deliver their vision.

we are committed to multidisciplinarity involving specialized technicians whose expertise contribute to the value of the architecture, and promoting the use of new technologies and methodologies, encompassing the organization and communication of the project up to the execution phase.

internationally, in particular in the UK, NOZ promotes partnerships that enable a constant exchange of knowledge, information and innovation by actively participating in the design and construction of cultural, sports and large-scale real estate projects.

the passion for what we do is reflected in NOZ architecture.

awards: prémio construir 2016 – melhor projecto público - Escola da Murteira