Nhood main office | lisboa

built 2021 * photos by fernando guerra

the new offices for this international company include a variety of uses while remaining functional, be appealing, comfortable, and inspiring spaces.

white was the colour of choice for the working areas to increase the reflect as much natural light as possible, and a sense of peace and inspiration. the functional lighting and acoustic strategy was carefully designed to appropriate levels of each space. in the work areas, white acoustic bands on the ceiling define a rhythm that simultaneously resolves the location of lighting fixtures and acoustically tune the working space. for the functional and circulation areas we used birch plywood to give feel of comfort and warmness. the versatile spaces were designed to allow a wide variety of meeting areas and activities, including an auditorium up to 70 people that doubles up as an extended refectory or for informal meetings.occasionally colours are used to endow the personality of the space.

the company motos are applied to architectural elements such as the fingerprint to represent the personalized service and dedication and the world map for the global vision of CEETRUS.